By the end of the day, business growth has to do with engagement, trust, and loyalty.

July 27, 2016

What are the components of loyalty, engagement, and trust?


Catching & giving attention, facilitating effective communication, forming a culture of implementing high quality of service, and having win-win results.


  • You want to engage your employees not to look for an alternative job.

  • You want to engage your partners to be loyal, trustful and grow your business because they benefit from it.

  • You want to engage your customers to continue buying from you and not dump you, when they see a substitute product / solution deal with lower price somewhere else. You want to be in constant dialogue with them to get feedback of their satisfaction from existing products and learn how you can answer new requests and needs.

  • You want to engage prospects and convince them that with your products/solutions, their life will be healthier, more convenient, safer, and happier.


How do you catch and give attention, facilitate effective communication, create trust,  & have win-win results?


Add The  C 10 commandments to your business' culture:  


Capacity – make sure that when you approach others – you are in the mode/mood that manifest vitality, self-confidence, and leader’s knowhow, to light up and energize others (employees, partners, clients, prospects) with what you offer.


Consciousness – make sure you are convinced from deep inside that you provide the best unique products/solutions and you are passionate about the unique proposition of your business.


Creativity- whatever you do or say, add creativity that touches mind and heart, as magic, to enhance effective communication.


Collaboration – remember that teamwork create bonds and trust.


Consistency – roll your main pitch together with diversified creativity, repeatedly. It takes time for people to digest your messages and accept your ideas  as added value things they need to have.


Coherence: there is oneness in  spoken and intuitive  psychological, mental / emotional and spiritual perception that you deliver a unique high quality proposition about your business’s essence. You are expert in your field; you propose the best products/solutions/services and you can personalize them to your customers’ needs.


Calmness:   make sure your company’s culture’s values and people add calmness to the atmosphere. Remember – the opposite of calmness is STRESS. You don’t want to send stress signals verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically.


Coexistence: your employees, partners, clients, and prospects, are not identical to you. There is a common ground of trust, yet variation and pluralism should be accepted and respected.

Comprehension: We never see the whole picture. Therefore, we should adopt ongoing dialogue with employees, partners, clients, and prospects. Once we understand their needs, their source of motivation and inspiration we can better personalize our business solutions for them.


Compassion: if you wonder how a culture of compassion may grow your business, again, it has to do with giving and getting attention, trust, effective communication and creating great atmosphere of positive emotions & feeling great while you sell   something worthwhile – for you and for your employees, colleagues and business mates.


All company’s employees need to be  engaged to company’s grow. That is why CEOs, HR, and Marketing managers should add the c10 to their business culture. Keeping company's positive reputation is a proactive nonstop mission.


Ask me more of how to create uplifting atmosphere in your company to increase your business growth.


Avigail berg panitz – social entrepreneur


more of what i do:


Teaching online /one on one and in groups:  Linkedin & WIX  as a powerful business development platform and happy hour for linkedin@work.



Producing and facilitating  self-help tools and enrichment workshops  as part of wellness@work!wellnesswork/cv5z


I providing special gifts to special people in special events for HR and Marketing managers and employees as well.


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