July 2, 2016

Did you ever think about the tiny, but significant components, which compose an impression?


Just like in a blind date, in less than a minute, our minds create a “should I stay or should I go” decision – when we visit a new website, when we start a new book, or when we start a dialogue with someone.


ATTENTIVENESS is the energy of perception and immediate judgement, of the situation you are facing in a given moment. In a way, it is the synergy of perceiving, the content and the design, or the look and feel, or the structure and the functions of things.


Every moment you blink your eyes, every heartbeat, each breathe you take -



CLICK ..CLICK.. CLICK… life is the accumulated process of these tiny units of experience.


Every moment, consciously, or not, you asses, and focus on; your next step, your next view, your next action.


If the impressions you get, resonate with a positive experience, your belief system, and inspiring, optimistic, helpful, and encouraging anticipation, you will have the passion and motivation for the situation to continue. If not, you will move on…


Please note, your reality perception (of yourself and the world around you) is a process that takes place in your BodyMind systems. In a way, it takes place in your mind clouds – which are - thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, beliefs, and dreams.

If you feel, that your mind clouds don’t serve you, I’m here to help you – recompose them. Let’s talk.




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