Inspiring T-Shirts, Poster, Canvas Pictures, Bags, Notebooks, Pillows, Hoodies,

ebooks & self-help tools to reduce stress & increase your wellnesss - wellbeing

Personalized, moving, & exciting, work of art designed gifts, for yourself & for others.

Choose the items that compose your gift. You are welcome to Replace The Work of Art and the text, and let us do the rest.

 POEMS on PICTURES Prettify & Shape your Space

Your space is the surrounding in which you are present during 24 hours: at home, at work and in the community you live in.

Be proactive & creative in designing your environment: -Write a poem (or let us write it for you), -Choose  inspiring work of art of TomerTal

- We will print a poster for you.

This is a call for Business HRs, hospitals, banks, libraries, academia, malls, and community landscape designers.

Let us beautify and uplift, the atmosphere at home, on the go and in  our work space/place 

 poems and work of art  posters for only $45.99

view examples below: