Inspiring T-Shirts, Poster, Canvas Pictures, Bags, Notebooks, Pillows, Hoodies,

ebooks & self-help tools to reduce stress & increase your wellnesss - wellbeing

Personalized, moving, & exciting, work of art designed gifts, for yourself & for others.

Choose the items that compose your gift. You are welcome to Replace The Work of Art and the text, and let us do the rest.


​How Do I Place An Order?​
You place your orders in the cart just as you do, in any other ecommerce shop. If you want to personalize your order – change images and / or text , visit www.TomerTalDesign.com  choose an alternative work of art and write us a note which one you chose (each image has a name) you can add or replace the text as well. Send us a note, and we will take it from there.


Payment & Shipping:

We are in our beta site shop. At this stage you can pay by PayPal. Once you pay, your delivery will be at your door between 6-9 days from your money delivery.

If you have large quantities order please contact us.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options:

.Ordering and payments are secured.


Returns & Refunds:
We will accept returns and refund if products were damaged or not delivered.
What type of websites can you create for us and what are the benefits you bring to the table?

We create SMB, personal branding websites and ecommerce stores websites all based on WIX platform.

Though you can create your own website with WIX, we recommend our professional business usability interface knowhow. – We learn who you are, what are your goals, who your clients and partners are and help you expand your clientele- base together with LinkedIn.

We teach linkedin as a business development platform as well.

Why HR managers and marketing managers should purchase from this website?

We provide gifts that engage mind&heart of your employees, partners, clients, and prospects.

Talk with us about your event or special occasion. Every occasion– big or small is important to us.

What are self-help tools?

Self- help tools are mainly ways to maintain bodymind balance, reduce stress, fatigue, and insomnia, and recharge vitality. We offer  here three vibroacoustic therapy platforms that can be used at home and at work.

What are wellness@work workshops?

Wellness@work workshops include inspiring and experiential workshops for your employees, your partners, and your customers:

With our workshops you can engage hearts and minds of people you care for and gain their loyalty, trust, motivation, and passion. – These are the components  that bond people together.

Here are some of our workshops:


Thank you for shopping with us!