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 Why we love what we do

Uplifting Atmosphere is a store that combines  apparel, objects, ebooks,  self-help and wellness tools that are designed to enthuse you and the people around you and help you create a positive atittude and  environment.

Are you  a HR manager or a marketing manager, or event manager?

You probably know that a personalized message together with inspiring work of art, are essential parts of choosing a successful  “impactful gift” / giving attention.

Whether you want to purchase a good gift/solution for a birthday, wedding, successful project, academic achievement, love, a teamwork experiential workshop or any other significant event, the gift value will increase significantly when you customize it and tailor it to the people you give it to. We enable you to personalize the messages and choose the work of art that suits you best.


I'm Avigail Berg– a wellness@work expert, social entrepreneur, writer and TheSoundWell owner. I create and produce self-help tools and workshops for individuals and workplaces. Together with a multidisciplinary artist  - TomerTal we welcome you to choose the best gift to inspire your personal space  and/or other people  and uplift the atmosphere of wellness and wellbeing everywhere.

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